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Texas inspired city

Started up by the dreams of the Marketplace, this project is a mixture of a university town and a financial district nestled under the mountains. An 8,000 block long loop country road connects the small city and it's stadiums to the beautiful southern landscape.

March 2019 - 


Yet another realistic city

Larimer is inspired by the industrial boom city of Pittsburgh. Featuring a plethora of mid-century architecture and infrastructure, Larimer is sure to remind you of many american cities.

May 2019 - 


Another realistic city

Started and developed by the Artenia server as their flagship project, Hamilton has since been adopted and continues by us here at Blueprint following the servers' merge. Inspired by the architectural style and feel of the Pacific Northwest, Hamilton is an impressive project to explore.

April 2016 -

New York City

Our recreation

New York city needs no introduction. Even recreations of the city need no introduction. There's simply so many of them. Our recreation has our own charm though. The project was larger than anything we had ever attempted and many interesting builds came out of it.

April 2018 - 

San Francisco

San Francisco inspired city

San Francisco is one of the west coast's largest and most historic cities. Noted for beautiful architecture and earthquakes, the city seemed an interesting place to try and replicate in Minecraft. Being one of Blueprint's first large scale projects, and having been showcased at our first Minefaire show, San Francisco holds a special place in our hearts.

November 2017 - February 2018
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Perfected Reality

Located amongst terrain influenced by the stunning topography of New Zealand's south Island, Tukoria is a realistic take on how reality should be. Inspired by the optimistic views on technology of the 50's, Tukoria aims to showcase the pinnacle of modern technology and innovation being used in a realistic urban enviroment.

July 2019 -

Large Scale Server Projects

Individual Community Projects

Cartagena de Indias

Planetminecraft World Heritage Contest

Nestled on a peninsula on the Caribbean Sea, the historic Walled city, Cartagena de Indias is a remarkably beautiful piece of Colombian history. Our aim with this project was to showcase this incredible city in a way not ever done before. 

May 2019
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