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What is Blueprint?


Blueprint is a Minecraft creative building server that focuses primarily on the creation of realistic city-style builds. We have a large, tight-knit community that has been working together for years in many cases. We also do presentations at Minefaire, which is an official Minecraft community event. We promote and focus on pushing the possibilities of the game to help promote not only the community but education and the functionality of a game like this in real-life application.

Who is in charge of Blueprint?

We have a small team of Directors, Moderators, and Developers who together are responsible for moderation, ownership, plugin-development, community outreach, and project development. These individuals will be labeled as such in our Discord server and on the server itself.


What types of projects do you do?


We generally build cities. It’s really as simple as that. We have worked to recreate San Francisco, New York, and Cartegena, but we have also created many unique cities, such as Hamilton, a quasi-pacific northwest inspired city; Argon, which is a Waco, Texas-inspired smaller scale uber-realistic city. Larimer, a more northeastern industrial rich city; and our latest project, Tukoria, which is a take on a more optimal present day, with better infrastructure, streetscapes, and atmosphere compared to our current world.


Do you build things other than cities?


No… I mean yes, we do. Over time we have had members create their own smaller-scale projects, including but not limited to a dystopian, almost cyberpunk monstrosity of urbanity, an absolutely perfect recreation of the original World Trade Center, as it was before the events of 9/11, a recreation of a visionary proposal by Kohn Pederson and Fox for a massive almost Sci-Fi megastructure that occupies Tokyo Bay (ended up being over 1,700 blocks tall).


We have also tried recreating the entirety of the state of Idaho for some reason. Unfortunately, that project seemed to have been slightly over our heads. It still gave us some pretty images nonetheless.


What do I do here?


If this is your first time with us, you have a few options. If you have little to no experience building, we have a Plotworld system that you are free to build whatever you want in. Just do /pwhelp on the server to learn how to get started.


If you happen to be skilled in the type of work we do, you can apply to join our team. Just do /apply on the server and fill out the form. We would be glad to have you working with us.

How do I stay updated?

There are many ways to stay up to date on the current news and information about the server. Notably, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by filling out the form above. Here we will provide updates on our projects, updates to the server itself, and we will try and showcase creations made by our community. 


We also have a discord server, where you can socialize and discuss a plethora of topics with hundreds of members. You can also follow us social media. There you will find a large variety of random stuff said by our own Director, Adam.

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